Vijay RV’s Sai Vanamali: The Best Gated Community Project in Miyapur

Vijay RV's Sai Vanamali The Best Gated Community Project in Miyapur

Amongst all the new residential projects in Hyderabad, Vijay RV’s Sai Vanamali is known for its out-of-the-box design. It is an initiative to build homes that are compatible with the work-from-home environment. This includes facilities like cubicle spaces in the community that make the perfect setup to work along with a seamless Wi-Fi provision. Additionally, there are guest rooms that can be rented out by the residents.

When looking for gated communities with 2 or 3 BHK flats for sale in Miyapur, you must find Vijay RV’s Sai Vanamali as the apt choice for its construction which is done in the most developed areas of Miyapur.

Vijay RV’s Sai Vanamali has the perfect blend of open spaces with the interiors making it the preferred space to lead a healthy lifestyle. The experience of this gated community planned amongst lush greenery makes the 3 BHK flats for sale in Miyapur worth buying.

Below are the amenities that make Vijay RV’s Sai Vanamali the best-gated community project in Miyapur:

1. Outdoor fitness station:

How pleasant would it be to have the start to your day done with the most refreshing workout session outdoors in the open? That is how well-designed Vijay RV’s Sai Vanamali is for all fitness enthusiasts.

2. Battery cars for elderly citizens:

Vijay RV’s Sai Vanamali gated community ensures the elderly members of your family experience the beautiful setup of the project with open spaces and greenery. There are battery cars that pick them up at the entrance and drop them near the blocks.

3. Ambulance vehicle for the society:

Safety measures in Vijay RV’s Sai Vanamali are incomparable, as there is your very own residential ambulance vehicle always in the community for any emergency situation that requires medical attention on an immediate basis.

4. Pickup and drop off lounge for school children:

Now with Vijay RV’s Sai Vanamali, there is no more to worry about managing the time for your children to reach their schools on time. There is a pickup and drop lounge for school vehicles which eases your effort to find the spots where the vehicles come to pick up and drop your children.

5. Amphitheatre:

There is an amphitheater space in the community which allows all the residents to come together for any events to enjoy lively moments and socialize.

Apart from these spectacular amenities, there are a plethora of high-end specifications that make Vijay RV’s Sai Vanamali your dream home. Call/message us at 8885548844 to schedule a site visit or click here to learn more about the project.